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Sigla Midland mica

Sistem de casti cu Bluetooth pentru motociclisti!


Sistem special conceput pentru toate functiile moderne necesare unui motociclist.


Multimedia wireless Bluetooth headset device.

Midland BT Single is the new Bluetooth device designed for satisfying bikers who want to communicate in a simple and reliable way with a unique and practical device.

Midland BT Single can be connected in Bluetooth mode to a mobile phone or to a GPS. If used in combination with a mobile phone with MP3 player feature, FORWARD/REPLAY and PLAY/STOP controls can be directly managed from the intercom system.

Midland BT Single is fitted with a plug that enables it to be wired to an iPod/MP3 player and to PMR446 trascveivers for bike to bike group communication .

The Midland BT Single kit is even more!

This device comes with two fixing kits that enable it to be fitted onto the helmet, that is a bi-adhesive strip and a screw -type connector, supplied as standard.This kit includes also an audio stereo system with two speakers and the microphone can be wired or with a flexible arm.

The device can be identified from the other Midlan BT Intercom units by its different colour: BT Single is green.

BT Single device can not be connected with other Midland BT line devices.



- Bluetooth version 2.0 stereo (Headset/Hands-free/A2DP protocol)

- VOX for hands free activation of the Intercom and phone call answer

-AGC technology to automatically adjust volume when noise and speed change

- Control buttons: Intercom, Phone, AUX (wired device)

- Up to 8 hours of conversation and 1 week in stand by

-Recharging time : about 4 hours

Bluetooth connections

- For mobile phone or GPS (Garmin Zumo e Tom Tom Rider 1 and 2)

Wired connections

- For iPod/MP3 stereo

- For PMR446 transceivers for communications Bike to BIke up to maximum distance of 5 Km ( the connection cable

  is available as option) 


Hi-Fi Speaker - C895 

High quality speaker kit

Audio Kit - C893

1 wired microphone, 1 microphone with a flexible arm, double speaker

Al 12 V - C894

12V charger

Mounting Kit - C898

Fixing kit with screw -type connector and with bi-adhesive


Midland BT Single  

N1 Midland BT Single device, 1 audio kit with wired and flexible arm microphones, 1 stereo headset , 1 connection stereo cable for iPod/MP3 player, double wall adptor and 1 fixing kit with bi-adhesive strip and screw -type connector Cod.C904

Importator si distribuitor autorizat MIDLAND BT single, dispozitiv pt. comunicare motociclisti PILOT / PASGER, 1 bucata, C904

MIDLAND, BT, single, dispozitiv, pt., comunicare, motociclisti, PILOT, /, PASGER, 1, bucata, C904


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